Chart configuration


pygal is customized at chart level with the help of the Config class).


The config class works this way:

from pygal import Config

config = Config()
config.show_legend = False
config.human_readable = True
config.fill = True
chart = pygal.XY(config)

and you can share the config object between several charts. For one shot chart rendering several shorthand are available:


Config values are settable on the chart object.

chart = pygal.XY(config)
chart.show_legend = False
chart.human_readable = True
chart.fill = True

Keyword args

Config values can be given as keyword args at init:

chart = pygal.XY(show_legend=False, human_readable=True, fill=True)

And at render:

chart = pygal.XY()
chart.render(show_legend=False, human_readable=True, fill=True)